Dana Corey

Five Foundations of Freedom, Flexibility & Fun As business owners we often work doing the immediate thing in front of us just to keep all the balls in the air, which leaves us exhausted, isolated and chained to our business. What if there were a different way? After Dana’s talk, your audience will have practical tips to help them: • Start steering your ship instead of doing all the rowing! • Learn how our brains trick us into playing small so you can start BEING the bold, fearless entrepreneur you know you can be. • Discover the #1 secret that will make your business more efficient, more profitable and more satisfying.Dana Corey is an international speaker and high-performance business strategist. She combines nuts and bolts strategy with walk-beside-you partnership, getting successful business owners beyond what they already know. Her passion is transforming entrepreneurs who feel trapped by the job they’ve created, into CEOs who enjoy the freedom they started their journey for.

Dana’s clients increase their bottom lines so much, even they are astounded. Even better, they do that while taking regular weekends and REAL vacations. Some people think the time off is a side benefit – Dana believes that freedom is the whole point!

Dana has mentored hundreds to entrepreneurial success, facilitated personal growth seminars and trained others to do the same since her 20’s. Her clients include entrepreneurs, small business owners, and Fortune 100 and 500 executives, giving her a unique context for what your business needs.