Patti Dobrowolski
Visual goal setter captivating and inspiring audiences with the business leadership tool of the future: Drawing Solutions.
For the past twenty years Patti’s consulting focus has been in the rapid design and the execution of strategy development, organizational design, and communications tools to strengthen business performance and practice with both individual contributors and senior leadership teams. A senior strategic illustrator, she has helped companies successfully marry vision & strategy with compelling visuals to accelerate achieving the changes they desire.

Combining her psychology and drama therapy expertise, with skills in conflict resolution and systems restructuring, Patti partners with human resources and business systems teams to re-activate organizations following critical events such as a reduction in force, new systems implementation, mergers and acquisitions, or product launch. Her diverse background in business, health care and education allows her to aid organizations in all verticals of domestic and international industries with the design, development and implementation of new systems that create a successful and sustainable strategic plan for the future.

A national performer, keynote speaker and drama therapist, she earned her B.A. in Liberal Arts from The Evergreen State College and her M.A. in Psychology with a specialization in Drama Therapy from The California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco. In 2004 she won the prestigious “Woman of Achievement” award from The Association for Women in Communications. In 2008, she was a Seattle awardee in the Make Mine A Million-Dollar Business. In November, 2011, Dobrowolski was a featured speaker at TEDxRainier “Draw Your Future.” Author of DRAWING SOLUTIONS: How Visual Goal Setting Will Change Your Life, her goal is to show everyone around the world how to easy it is to use a simple picture, and the latest neuroscience, to draw your dreams into reality.

Recent clients include: Microsoft Inc, Pall Corporation, FedEx, Hoffman LaRoche Inc., Johns Manville, Starbucks Coffee Company, McKesson, Genentech, Pepsico, Cisco Systems, HP, Gilead Sciences, TrueBlue Inc, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Peace Health, USDA, City of Atlanta, City of Denver.

Imagination Changes Everything

The odds of you making a change in your life are against you 9:1.

In this powerful, dynamic talk, Patti Dobrowolski will show you how you, your team, and your organization can make lasting change. Using the latest neuroscience research, she’ll show you how to marry a visual with the most innate tool you have: your imagination. Participants will be inspired to draw a picture of their desired new reality, and will learn how to leverage their imagination to bring more of what they want into their work and their lives.

Drawing Your Future: How a Simple Picture Can Change Everything

Thriving in today’s economy requires the ability to quickly and flexibly assess and augment strategy, goals, and vision. In this talk participants experientially discover how to use a picture to accelerate change.

Using her signature process, the “Snapshot of the Big Picture,” author Patti Dobrowolski will show everyone how to leverage the latest neuroscience and drawing to train their brains to identify and stay focused to achieve key goals. Participants will capture their current state of business/life, then build the bold steps they’ll take into that desired new reality they’ve been dreaming about. Finally, they will leave with a clear and compelling action plan to revisit and build upon each week to bring about the very changes they desire. See how a simple picture can help change a life – and nobody even needs to know how to draw!

The techniques taught here are adaptable for individual, business, organization, or team use. Do you need to create a new product launch, or manage change? Then it’s time to learn the true meaning behind “A picture speaks a thousand words”, and find out how drawing a simple picture can inspire you and your team to accelerate your goal setting success.

The Creative Genius Equation: How to Tap Your Innate Brilliance for Extraordinary Results

Envisioning a successful future for your organization is exciting, but when the rubber hits the road, many companies fail to deliver the results necessary to build or sustain that dream. The Creative Genius Equation with it’s four essential keys help create breakthrough changes and fill in the pieces of that future. Dobrowolski’s compelling stories from work with blue chip clients and nonprofits around the world inspire listeners to step up their game-changing strategies.

Thank you so very much for your inspirational kick-off to the NAO 2016 conference last week in Washington, D.C! It couldn’t have been any better! Your energy, enthusiasm and creative genius set the stage for all AHECers to have an outstanding conference experience. Many AHECers–over the course of the week– shared with me how valuable your session was and how they hope to implement ‘drawing their vision’ for their AHEC’s future state. Thanks again for such a wonderful presentation and for helping us all consider what bold steps we need to take to make NAO’s future vision a reality!

Robert Trachtenberg CEO
National AHEC Organization